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Rebate Programs

California has a water shortage due to environmental restrictions and years of dry conditions.  Because of these factors, Southern California supplies can be reduced by hundreds of millions of gallons of water a day from the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. That’s enough to supply a major Southern California city like Santa Ana or Anaheim for a year.  Over the past two years, we have been using our water supply reserves to meet everyday needs.  We all must do our part to reduce water use. 

Residential water consumption is the largest contributor to California's urban water use -- more than 2.2 TRILLION gallons of water per year. That's half of the annual flow of the Colorado River: one of Southern California's primary sources of water!

Water is probably our most important resource.  Many water districts are offering rebates, most are water rationing. 

To meet these mandated water restrictions, water districts are rebating to HOA and Commercial customers for the conversion to water saving technology or hardware.  There are rebates for controllers and sprinkler heads. 

A number of Metropolitan’s Member Agencies elect to provide additional incentives that supplement the Save-A-Buck base rebate for certain devices. This additional funding is subject to availability.

Please refer to individual your Member Agency pages for supplemental rebate amounts.

We will assist you in applying for rebates.  Each individual water district has their own guideline for how to apply and receive conservation rebates.

There are also irrigation manufacturing companies that are offering financing for complete system renovations, from controllers to sprinkler heads and all components in between.  The water savings, in most cases, will pay for the monthly bill.